PM Saari

Visual artist and musician, mainly a guitar player and songwriter, writing both music and lyrics, a producer and recording engineer - breathing art.

When PM first heard the Iron Maiden LP “The Number of the Beast” in the mid 80s he knew what he needed to do in his life. Spending the next years in his boy-room learning and understanding the art of guitar playing and music, he very soon started to write his own material and playing in bands.

His musical roots are in the 70s and 80s european metal scene and when it comes to the guitar it’s mainly the 80s LA guitarists like George Lynch, Jake E Lee and Edward Van Halen. PM has always stuck to his beliefs that a good musician has to be both entertaining live, write strong material and being unique. Through the years he has developed his own playing-style, grown into a strong songwriter and a kick-ass entertainer when performing live.

In the end of 2016 he released his long awaited solo debut, "The Opening", and today his focus is on his solo band, The PM Saari Band - Wonderfuel, taking the solo material live on stage as a power-trio.

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PM has designed all logos, sleeves, web sites etc for all the bands/projects he is involved in, among others, for further info on PM Saari visual design visit his company pm Saari Creations' web site.

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