Q: Why is the menu on the Saari web site in chinese?

A: Because it looks cool.

Q: Why are you in so many bands?
A: I write different styles of music and feel it all belongs in different bands/ projects. I also write in different ways, alone or co. I write different parts of the songs, sometimes only the vocals/lyrics or the music and sometimes both. But actually I am not anymore so...

Q: Why don't you write songs for others?
A: My songs are my thoughts and feeling and I want to be there when they are delivered.

Q: Why does it take so long between turns in your bands?
A: I'm involved in quite many things and it consumes loads of time and energy which both obviously are limited. That's why most of my "bands" are actually rather projects and not really bands, whatever they might appear to be.

Q: You do almost everything yourself, are you a control freak?
A: No. I just know what's right.

Q: How do you find the time and energy for all the bands and projects?
A: I really don't.

Q: Why do you do all this?
A: I need to.

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