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The following gear is used by P M S A A R I:

ESP guitars: Ltd Viper-400 Saari Custom '06 (w
ood burst) | Ltd Viper-400 Saari Custom '09 (white) | Ltd Viper-400 Saari Custom '09 (black) | Ltd EC-1000 SSP Deluxe Saari Custom '14 (silver sparkling)

GIBSON guitars:
Flying V GOW '84/'07 Limited Edition | Flying V '58/98 Limited Edition | The Paul '78 | The Paul II '92

IBANEZ guitars:
Artwood 250 ECE-RTB | Roadstar ll Saari-custom '84 | Roadstar Custom '88 | AXS32 | WASHBURN guitars: D10

Dean Markley and GHS Boomers strings: .010 .013 .017 .026 .036 .046
Pics style:351 (heavy) Saari Custom
Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio humbuckers

Line 6 POD, Marshall JCM 800
1980's heads
and cabinets, Celestion elements and
Power Amplifiers.

Apple Computers
, Pro Tools and Apogee, Sony
and Yamaha monitoring, Röde and Shure mics.

...then there's off course always a bunch of
borrowed (stolen?) stuff laying around...